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Torun Center Office


Pencil Dezign Global


AarHuss Mimarlık



Contract Type

Turnkey Lump-Sum Contract


3 weeks 

Project Area

193 m²

In the office where we undertook the turnkey Fit-Out project for 3 weeks, we made infrastructure and installation controls after the site survey and exploration we carried out in the first stage. We made the project ready for implementation by clarifying the concept visuals, material and application details from the designer. When it came to detailed planning, we created a business plan by taking into account the Torun Center working hours and rules as well as material procurement and production times. Then we completed the demolition and dismantling works by protecting the existing coatings. We revised the electrical-data infrastructure according to the placement and dimensions of the new furniture. We made coatings suitable for the new design and repaired the existing floor. At the end of the process, we finalized the electrical-data connections and institutions and delivered the office after the final controls.

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