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Our Mission

AarHuss Global’s mission is to inspire and empower people and businesses in the architecture and design industry by bridging the divide between architects, interior designers, material & product manufacturers, and building services providers, thus catalysing collective, creative

By creating a one-of-a-kind place and global community – an ecosystem that enables meaningful exchange of expertise, facilitates collaboration and co-creation, and fosters long-term creative and business partnerships – AarHuss Global furthers the fundamental cause of good design:
making better products, systems, and environments for people and the planet.

Our Vision

AarHuss Global reimagines the design industry as a robust and thriving ecosystem, opening up limitless possibilities for creative endeavours to take flight.

Who we are?

AarHuss Global is a Kuwait-based vibrant and dynamic design hub with a global outlook. It presents a premier, one-stop, phygital destination for the design curious, bringing together the best and the brightest from the diverse world of design under one roof – from superior building materials & products and leading architects & designers to an enviable wealth of essential resources and insights.

Activity Areas

Art Installation

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Sharq Block 1 Ahmad Al Jabar St.
Crystal Tower Floor 31, Kuwait City, Kuwait
J Chambers Capital G.T.


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