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Renault MAIS Car Showroom


Renault MAIS A.Ş


AarHuss Mimarlık


Maltepe - Istanbul

Contract Type

Interior Design


8 weeks 

Project Area

600 m²

Car showrooms are not only a place to display vehicles, but also a space that should represent the brand and create a memorable experience for visitors. In designing a car showroom, several elements must be considered, such as the use of metal surfaces to reflect the automotive industry and digital arts to make the space functional for different events. To create a cohesive brand identity, the use of the company's colors, logo, and branding elements should be incorporated throughout the showroom. This helps to create a recognizable and memorable experience for visitors, even after they have left the showroom. A social area can be added to the showroom, which provides visitors with a comfortable space to relax and engage with the brand. This area can include a café, lounge area, or interactive displays to enhance the visitor experience. A presentation room can also be included, which provides a space to host events, launch parties, and product reveals. The digital art can be used in this space to create immersive experiences and bring the brand to life. The vehicles on display should be treated as pieces of art in a museum concept. Each car should have its own space to be showcased, with adequate lighting and a clean backdrop to highlight its unique features. Metal surfaces can be used to create an industrial feel, while also reflecting the automotive industry.

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