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P.C Logistic Office Building


P.C Logistic Company


AarHuss Mimarlık



Contract Type

Turnkey Lump-Sum Contract


18 Weeks-Under Construction

Project Area

1200 m²

The project at hand encompasses the design and construction of a 1,200 sq. meter logistic company management office. Our scope of work includes the determination of the property type and style, creation of a functional layout plan, selection and implementation of design inspirations for furniture and lighting, and the utilization of materials to enhance the overall aesthetic. With consideration given to the distinct requirements of both white and blue-collar employees, we have designed specific areas within the office to accommodate these needs. Our aim is to infuse the space with both beauty and energy, drawing inspiration from the surrounding environment to inform the color scheme and furnishings. The layout plan has been crafted with a focus on optimal utilization of space, and has been designed to ensure efficient and effective functioning of the office. The placement of desks, meeting rooms, and common areas has been carefully considered to provide all employees with easy access to the resources they need. The furniture and celling design selected will bring a modern and sophisticated touch to the space, complementing its overall aesthetic. In conclusion, our objective is to deliver a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and inspiring workspace for the management team of the logistic company. The careful selection of natural materials, thoughtful design, and attention to detail will ensure that this office space is a desirable place to work.

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