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Astana Expo 2017 Daylight Analysis

Service : Daylight Analysis

Project Start : 2016

Completion : 2017

Built Area : 26,000 m2

Client : Sembol Construction, TR

Project Management : Polimeks, TR

Project Architect : Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, US

Lighting Design : Light Touch, UK

LAB.1 realized daylight calculations in three stages. Firstly, we carried out external illumination calculations for representative dates (four different times of day, and one day for each month). Secondly, detailed calculations were carried out for the sunniest month, July, with a detailed analysis of all the exhibits, particularly regarding specifying projectors. At this stage, we prepared 3d models and performed daylight calculations for all eight floors separately.
Lastly, we made annual daylight calculations for all floors, without the exhibits.

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