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Altınbölme Launches AI & AR-Powered Platform To Revolutionize Product Discovery and Creative Engagement


The Turkey-based interior project company leverages AI & AR to create MOON, an integrated platform for architects, designers, manufacturers and consumers, which simplifies the process of building product exploration, selection and use, making design projects more flexible, efficient and cost effective.

By Irene Joseph Chiramel 

8 July 2024

MOON enables users to visualize products and design elements in actual space settings through AR, enabling instant adjustments and decision-making | Image Courtesy of Altınbölme

Designed to bring together designers, architects, manufacturers and consumers, MOON is an integrated platform developed by Turkey-based interior project company Altınbölme. “Architecture and [the] production sector must work together in order to take part in the global market,” said MOON founder Sefer Doğan Özdoğan. The platform provides a collaborative environment where manufacturers can display their products more effectively, complete with technical details and drawings, making them accessible to a global audience. 

MOON offers a near hands-on experience for building products across 18 categories — from furniture and lighting to doors, windows and flooring systems — transforming how consumers interact with and understand potential purchases. The online platform leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) to offer easy access to products via one click, and features innovative tools like MoonBoard scenes for realistic product demonstrations, fostering constant communication and interactive feedback.

The online platform leverages AI and AR to offer easy access to products with one click | Image Courtesy of Altınbölme

MoonBoard offers product configuration in multiple formats like DXF, GLB, STL, and OBJ, suitable for popular 3D modeling programs. The availability of these diverse formats ensures compatibility with various modeling software and enables smooth progression and refinement of designs using preferred tools.

Facilitating the seamless integration of different design elements in real-time, MOON acts as a dynamic tool for creative exploration | Image Courtesy of Altınbölme

Integrating Augmented Reality (AR) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) places brands and products at the forefront of technological trends, enhancing product visibility and appeal to contemporary consumers who value innovation. The AI-powered recommendations based on user preferences also boost engagement, significantly improving customer interaction and satisfaction.

MoonBoard offers product configuration in multiple formats like DXF, GLB, STL, and OBJ, suitable for popular 3D modeling programs | Image Courtesy of Altınbölme

Designed to work seamlessly across devices and platforms, MOON ensures that users can access and interact with the platform from anywhere, enhancing flexibility and connectivity. Product details are displayed in the form of product ID cards, 3D models, maintenance instructions, warranty periods, and assembly and installation documents, which are available in Turkish and English. Consumers can visualize how products and design elements look and fit in real-life spaces through AR, enabling instant changes and informed decisions about their design choices before making any actual purchases or alterations.  

The products are displayed as 3D models, ID cards and more, offering realistic product demonstrations, fostering instant communication and feedback | Image Courtesy of Altınbölme

There is a huge environmental impact linked to producing, transporting, and disposing of physical material and/or product samples. By facilitating virtual product showcases and thereby helping reducing the building industry’s carbon footprint, MOON also highlights Altınbölme’s strong focus on sustainability.

Altınbölme, a premier provider of office partition solutions based in Turkey, is an AarHuss Global strategic brand partner. Its innovative product range, which includes state-of-the-art movable partition walls and modular systems, is available at AHG’s unmatched and immersive Material Library, which stocks a diverse range of building materials and products of the highest standard all under one roof — from flooring, cladding and sanitaryware to lighting, furniture and more.

Get in touch to know more about how you can sample it for your next architectural or design project.


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